Help Yourself

Yeah so Productivity Tuesdays came to a halt after my recent travels to Australia and Europe but I'm back now and here's what i have to show for my holidays: an Amy Winehouse based hip hop track using Guy Sebastian lyrics (i know the blasphemy but it's what came to mind). Not all that thrilled with how it came out but i'm still starting out. Let's see how much longer i can use that crutch lol.

Japanese Fashion

I've been into Japanese fashion since high school. In our school library there was a book called "FRUITS" which i later found out was a magazine that highlighted Japanese fashion and culture around Harajuku.

I started to get into Nigo's creations without really knowing it. I was into Bape tees and hoodies, baggy jeans and air force 1s - essentially the uniform of the 00s.

However it wasn't until post-university that i became interested in Japanese fashion in the context of streetwear and less in the context of fashion subcultures mostly exclusive to Japan.

I've found myself to be interested in 4 brands (3 for wearability and 1 more for their design philosophy): Comme Des Garcons headed by Rei Kawakubo, Undercover headed by Jun Takahashi, Issey Miyake headed by Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto headed by Yohji Yamamoto.

Comme Des Garcons

Comme Des Garcons by Junya Watanabe is probably my favourite iteration of the brand. While Rei was a fan of using anti-fashion …

Maison Martin Margiela

I feel like this entry will close out most research i wanted to do on my favourite European designers. I've written on Raf, Hedi, McQueen and Helmut - all that's really left is Maison Martin Margiela.

Margiela studied fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp where the other Antwerp Five also attended. He served as a design assistant for Gaultier from 1984-1987 and established his eponymous brand in 1988.

In 1997, Margiela was appointed the artistic director of the Hermes women’s collection before he launched his debut menswear collection for MMM in S/S 1999.

In 2006, MMM showed its first haute couture collection under its Artisanal Line, a practice that continues to this day.

A familiar part of the Margiela line is a series of recurring Replica preexisting vintage garments, accessories and other articles that Maison Margiela finds and re-makes using materials and techniques that most closely resemble the original. They are lavishly reproduced and carry a second label e…

Helmut Lang

It's Friday today. My boss is working from home. I don't have too much to do. I literally just got a haircut and it's half past ten in the morning. What to do? Explore the world of another of my favourite designers - Helmut Lang.

Lang was born in 1956 (Age 62) in Austria. Lang's parents divorced shortly after his birth and he was sent to live with his grandparents in a small village in the Austrian Alps. As his childhood was removed from outside influence, his relationship with clothing was limited to assisting his grandfather in his workshop resoling tough leather mountain boots and dressing for the harsh winter conditions of the Alps. This would go on to be fundamental to his design philosophy.

By age ten, Lang's mother had passed away and he moved back to Vienna to live with his truck driver father and stepmother. After finishing school in 1974, he worked as a bartender while designing his own pants and T-shirts on the side. When friends began to show interest, …

I Accidentally Drew an Emo Chick

So i've always been fascinated by drawing. How can someone possibly replicate something so accurately from real life onto paper?

I dabbled in manga in high school but just ended up pretty much drawing the same things over and over, a copy cat if you will and less of a creator.

Inspired by a documentary i saw recently of Yves Saint Laurent's sketches, i thought i'd start sketching again myself.

Slowly but surely, trash but i mean i think it's better than the average person who doesn't know how to draw?

Reference Picture:


I can see now that i've messed up the proportions somewhere... I think i drew her head too big (i'm used to doing that from manga) and i think her legs too wide. Possible like the arms too short as well so although i tried to make an oversized bomber it just ended up being a regular bomber so now it looks like she doesn't have a waist... Well now we know for next time.
I decided to go for straight bangs to be edgy and when i dre…

This morning on the way to work, my brother and i were talking about family heirlooms. See, he and i have a shopping addiction (if i haven't made that blatantly obvious by now) and we were thinking that it'd be cool to have something to hand down to our kids. Ideally it would be something that holds some meaning, which got me thinking about our lineage so i decided to do some research.

Guo (郭) is the 18th most common family name in China and means the wall that surrounds a city. Prince Guo Shu (虢叔) is regarded by our clan as our primogenitor (earliest ancestor) and was the third son of King Ji of Zhou who together with his brother Guo Wen and nephew Guo Wu unified China during the Zhou dynasty.

The character of 虢 is rare in Chinese meaning to hunt and flay a tiger which indicates Guo Shu was a brave warrior. After establishing the Zhou dynasty, King Wu appointed Guo Shu as the Duke of Guo (虢公) which eventually became (郭公) soon after. 

Eventually Guo Shu's land was illegally …

There's Nothing Holding Me Back

Covered a Shawn Mendes song today.